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  • Meet Lisa: Bullied to Beautiful

    IN AWE OF LISA Lisa is an anti-bullying champion. She's a natural songwriter with a huge heart and is about to produce her third one-woman show ...
  • Meet Savannah: The Blissful Bohemian

    Savannah has lived with a serious heart condition her entire life. She’s reached the brink of death twice due to heart failure. But instead of living in fear, she lives a life that is #ALIVEandEMPOWERED. She has her degree in Chemical Engineering, can run a 7:30 mile, and is a successful freelance model. We are in AWE of her strength and resilience!
  • Meet Dawn: The Courageous Covergirl

    It’s hard not to be in AWE of Dawn: she was literally a Vogue supermodel! But even more impressively, she uses her voice to stand up against bullying and help survivors feel spiritually beautiful. Beauty, brains, and heart, that’s why we are in AWE of Dawn.
  • Meet Heidi: The Melanoma Marvel

    January 2018 Heidi lost her valiant battle with cancer. She is deeply missed by everyone who was privileged to know and love her.
  • Meet Latanga: The Survival Sergeant

    After serving our country and surviving sexual assault in the process, LaTanga has devoted her life to empowering other female veterans. We are in AWE of her selflessness, bravery, and patriotism, and are honored to have her as one of our original AWE community members. 
  • Meet Samata: The Conscious Fashion Champion

    Samata is an entrepreneur, style-guru, and social justice champion, and we were humbled to have her wear our Classic Diamond Medallion on this year’s Academy Awards Red Carpet. She uses fashion as a vehicle to support social causes, from sustainability to education and female empowerment. We are in AWE of her movement to make fashion positively impactful and thank her for all she does to support those in need.
  • Meet Suzy: The Fast Girl

    Suzy’s story is complex, filled with highs and lows, and immensely powerful. We are in AWE of her ability to overcome hardship after hardship in order to rebuild her life and reclaim her potential for success. She has so much to be proud of, and we are humbled to have her wearing our Warrior Medallion to honor her inner fighter. 
  • Meet Kasie: The Kancer Killer

    Kasie beat cancer, but it took a toll on her childhood experience. She started the organization Kasie Helpz Kidz to provide support to kids fighting cancer, transforming her adversity into an opportunity to improve the lives of others (quite fitting, then, that she rocks our Transformation Necklace). We are in AWE of her benevolence and encourage you to learn more about her organization through the links below.
  • Meet Kayleigh: The Dainty Diamond

    Kayleigh is an anorexia recovery warrior. She may be “dainty” but she is tough and mighty, sharing her recovery struggles in heartfelt posts to her followers. We are in AWE of her commitment to positivity and love how our Serenity Choker works with her AWE-some aesthetic.  
  • Meet Jess: The Lymphoma Barbie

    We fell in love with Jess after seeing a video of her putting on lipstick before her handsome doctor came in to check on her chemo treatment. Her hilarious commentary and vivacious attitude are earning her a large following of cancer patients seeking comfort and a great laugh. We are in AWE of her vibrancy and are honored to have her wearing our Serenity Bracelet.
  • Meet Alexa: The Leukemia Wakeboarder

    Heads up: Alexa is a total badass. At 16 she was an all-state gymnast when she wasdiagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. 10 years later, she still lives with cancer but is absolutely thriving as a professional wakeboarder. No really: she travels the world competing, reps the top wakeboarding brands, appears on ESPN, and is even publishing a memoir depicting her cancer journey this fall. We’re in AWE of how she’s defied expectations and embraces the AWEsomeness of the world around her. 
  • Meet Kendyl: The Tattooed Hijabi

    Kendyl came to us through another Lister, Fatima, and we were so honored to meet her. During her many-year-long battle with Crohn's Disease, Kendyl found comfort and inspiration in Islam and now uses her platform on Instagram and YouTube to inspire young hijabis to live empowered lives. We are in AWE of her wisdom and individuality, and love how she slays our Diamond Signet Ring. 


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