Meet Dawn: The Courageous Covergirl

Meet Dawn: The Courageous Covergirl


It’s hard not to be in AWE of Dawn: she was literally a Vogue supermodel! But even more impressively, she uses her voice to stand up against bullying and help survivors feel spiritually beautiful. Beauty, brains, and heart, that’s why we are in AWE of Dawn.


"The things you think are your flaws, you need to show with pride." 

"The best beauty secret is confidence."

"My mission and purpose is to remind you how spiritually beautiful you are."


Beauty Expert Best selling Author || Humanitarian || @iconicfocus model || QVC Host || Cover Model Vogue Italia, Bazaar & Cosmopolitan


I was terribly bullied when I was a teenager. For my neck. For my long limbs. Also for the fact that I was different. When a photographer told me he thought I could be a model, I shrugged him off at first. Because of the bullying I had no self esteem. The things I thought were my flaws, though, turned out to be my biggest assets.

As a model I made it onto covers of Cosmopolitan and Bazaar. But I was told by my agent my career would end when I turned 25 and that women are not considered beautiful after a certain age. 

After traveling to Calcutta, I realized beauty had no expiration date. I met and worked with Mother Theresa and saw someone who radiated beauty from the inside out. I learned that being beautiful was not just physical and superficial. There is depth in beauty. It's how we serve and help other people.

As a host, writer, and video producer, I spread the message that beauty has no expiration date. I’m an on-air expert for the shopping networks. I’m an Iconic Focus model and proud to represent beauty and fashion as ageless. When I look at photos from my teenage years, I notice my face was blank because I did not have the life experiences that I have now: love, loss, birth and death. Now when I take a picture, you can see it in my eyes. My beauty is in my wisdom and experience.


Another day at the office, from last year on Bravo’s TV show Below Deck and didn't see the camera dude sneaking up behind me with those rainbow socks! 

Never a dull moment on a reality TV show or as an on-air host as it's not reality at all! First of all ...the cameras are on you nonstop and you never know what will be edited or on the cutting room floor. The cast and crew on Bravo’s Below Deck were a delight to work with and very professional. Plus sailing around the British Virgin Islands on a yacht isn't bad either with your best friends!


If you look at my eyes now in my current pictures you will see my life story of a woman whose given birth, laughed, loved, heartache, and a survivor. My eyes now show depth of experience. We need to appreciate each year on this earth as a blessing. In our eyes is our journey...and that's where our beauty lives. My laugh lines showed I laughed a lot. You are beautiful, special and amazing because you were born. Period.




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