Supporting Women’s Earth Alliance

Supporting Women’s Earth Alliance

Planet Earth will always be the best gift any of us will ever receive. It’s a privilege to live in such a place of beauty, abundance, and biodiversity. Earth gives and we take, but it’s high time we give back to the only place we call home. Organizations like Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) are doing just that with their mission to protect our environment, end the climate crisis, and ensure a thriving planet for future generations by empowering women’s leadership.


WEA leaders work in some of the most environmentally threatened locations in the world. They save indigenous seeds, sell clean cookstoves, launch sustainable farms, provide safe water, protect land rights, and so much more. WEA designs capacity building training with guidance from local leadership, allowing women to access skills and tools in appropriate technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. With all of these tools and resources, women leaders are able to make significant changes in their communities and teach others to follow their lead.

Awe is proud to partner with WEA to help them further their mission. Our goal is to help fund and train 21 women to grow and maintain 1,260 trees, sequestering 60,000 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere via Women's Earth Alliance.

Join in by exploring our Earth Goddesses to help you connect with the Earth and live a more fulfilling life. Gaia is the Greek Goddess of the Earth, who created it out of chaos and proceeded to fill it with oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests. Ala is the Earth Goddess of the Igbo people of southern Nigeria. She is not only the Goddess of fertility, but also of justice, who brings balance and harmony to the world. Explore our Earth Collection and select WEA at checkout to help ensure a thriving planet and better future for all subsequent generations.

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