Meet Kelly: The Self-Love Champion

Meet Kelly: The Self-Love Champion

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"Befriend your body and you will find so much more peace in your day today"

"Be open to learning from your self. and I promise you're brave enough to teach yourself new things."

"We deserve to celebrate our strides, our survival, and the beautiful bodies we stand in."


Self-lovespo || Recovery || University Researcher || Mental Health YouTuber


All I ever wanted was to shine, but forcing myself to shrink robbed me of my light and my life. I want to empower myself and this body every day, and I really want to remember that it's okay to feel like it's such an effort sometimes. It's been life saving to understand that I deserve empowerment, not punishment. My whole life I felt like I was different and that I looked 'wrong' simply because I never saw someone who looked like me embracing their body, and no one taught me how. I never knew other people struggled with their relationship with food either. So, every single day, I pushed myself so hard to change and be 'better,' shaming myself every step of the way.

Two years ago, I had just started pursuing self-love and recovery, but it wasn’t easy to let go of a lifetime of body & food struggles. Through therapy, I started to realize: the most important thing is simply the way I treat myself. And that will never again depend on the way I look.

When you're kinder to yourself, you begin to celebrate the things you used to hide away and hide from yourself. And that's the one thing I always wanted. I want to see, embrace and empower myself.

And we can, one moment at a time.


Today, I will show up for this girl. I'll show her that she is capable of loving herself, her feels and her beautiful body. Every holiday, I always tried so hard to escape from my own self. Even before eating, I pressured myself to not ‘mess up.’ But there is no such thing.

This time, I vow to be loving and supportive. I will encourage myself through every bite and I will listen to my feelings. I won’t judge moments of worry or anxiety, and I will not act on the harsh thoughts about eating and my body that may inevitably cross my mind.

Be with yourself in your rough moments today, because that will truly save you from the same cycles of the past. It won’t be easy and it isn’t supposed to be. But it’s worth trying. You have the power to be different this year. And you deserve to finally enjoy yourself in a mindful, self-aware and self-loving way.

You need YOU today.

Please don’t leave your wonderful self behind.


I used to dream of the day I could sit with myself and genuinely feel happiness. Kindness and love for all that I am. Each day, I want to try feeling the wholeness of my body and really embrace everything about it.

But believe me, I know that every day is a process. So, what do I say to myself on the days I just can’t seem to be kind to myself?

Look - this is you. This is your body.

You don't have to be afraid of what you have or what you are. There is where you are supposed to be and how you wonderfully appear right now.

My body needs acceptance in every setting.

And me? I deserve love from myself in every moment. So do you.



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