A Little Magic Can Go A Long Way

A Little Magic Can Go A Long Way

Identify your desires and you can make magic happen. Manifesting your dreams is a step on the path of life and to stay on that path, invoking the proper Goddesses can go a long way. Obtaining divine knowledge through mysticism and worshipping the moon is an ancient practice. There’s no wonder there are so many powerful Goddesses devoted to the night and revealing its secrets. Here’s a guide to which good witch is right for you.

Hecate is the Greek Goddess of the night and the moon and is often associated with the spiritual underworld. There she was Persephone’s confidant and aided Demeter in getting her daughter back. In many instances Hecate is depicted with three heads to represent the past, present, and future. The triple moon is an ancient mystic symbol signifying the three phases of the lunar cycle and represents divine feminine power. Many identify the moon and Hecate with intuition, creative energy, wisdom, and mystery. If you’re looking to cause a little magical mayhem, embrace chaos, and seek divine protection from a feminine source, Hecate is the Goddess for you.

Selene is the personification of the moon. Because the moon and stars have both virtuous and sinister connotations, she is worshipped in this world and the underworld. Selene’s appeal to both the moon’s lighter and darker meanings make her duplicative in nature. A shrine devoted to Selene will ensure steadfast sleep, sweet dreams, and a sacred union with your partner. Sprinkle your altar with soft, shimmering moonstones.  And by altar, we mean a stack of necklaces worn at your throat and close to your heart.

Lilith translates to “night” and is a notorious and sometimes controversial ancient biblical figure, from the Torah and the Old Testament to the Epic of Gilgamesh. She is often associated with the supernatural, fantasy, and horror. Legends depict her as Adam’s first wife and due to her will to be treated as an equal, she is now known as a feminist icon. But history was not always so kind, as this strong will of hers ultimately created tension and caused Lilith to leave Adam. Some documentation on Lilith suggests that she was the snake in the garden that tempted Adam and Eve, but she’s also associated with demons and vampires. If you're seeking independence, justice, and ancient wisdom traced back to mankind’s origins, Lilith is the Goddess for you.

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