Collection Launch: Be the Change you want to see

Collection Launch: Be the Change you want to see

If you’ve always wanted to make positive changes or have a positive impact in an ever-evolving world that is sometimes at odds with what is right, we’ve created the Be The Change Collection for you. These pieces are close to our hearts and the causes that we champion as a company, including reproductive rights and anti-gun violence. 

This inspiring collection features a new Goddess – Themis, Goddess of justice. She is trustworthy, unbiased, and moral. She is the personification of justice and the Goddess of wisdom and good counsel. In Greek mythology, Themis was the interpreter of the will of the other Greek deities, much like a modern-day judge on the dais. Depicted as a woman wearing a blindfold and holding up a pair of scales, she will resonate with anyone who believes that the “moral arc of the universe bends toward justice,” and with anyone who works every day, in ways both big and small, to ensure that justice prevails.

The beautiful and symbolic Garden of Choice Amulet is one of two new amulet pieces in this collection that we’re especially proud of. Shaped like a uterus and adorned with roses, this amulet upholds bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. When you wear this necklace, you will be empowered to believe in your ability to stand up for freedom of choice. 20% of proceeds from this piece will be donated to Planned Parenthood to help make reproductive freedom accessible to all.

To support anti-gun violence, we are proud to present the Hope Blossoms Amulet. Designed in the shape of the powerful peace sign, this amulet features a flower blooming from a broken gun.

With this piece, we wanted to bring attention to the scourge of gun violence and to inspire people like you to continue the fight against this collective trauma. 20% of proceeds from this piece will be donated to Everytown, an anti-gun violence organization.

We also have the meaningful Choice & Freedom Necklace Set as well as the Safety & Justice For All Necklace Set, highlighting the new amulets. Other pieces in the Be The Change Collection are some timeless favorites, including the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goddess Necklace and the Woman Power Necklace (as seen on Taylor Swift, recently!).

We hope these pieces will give you the strength and determination to continue fighting to make the world a better place. Remember, the power of change is already within you.

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