Collection Launch: Part deux of the Egyptian Collection is unleashed

Collection Launch: Part deux of the Egyptian Collection is unleashed

Ancient magnetism meets modern reimagination. Part two of one of the most requested and lusted after collection launches and it’s otherworldly. This collection celebrates the history, the legends and the magnitude of the cultural significance of Ancient Egypt that has influenced style, fashion, pop-culture and beauty for thousands of years. 

Egyptian Goddess of protection, pleasure, and the bringer of good health, Bastet, Hathor, primeval Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and healing along with Sekhmet the Egyptian Goddess of war, chaos and the sun join beloved Egyptian Goddess of magic and healing, Isis, the divine priestess and beautiful Queen of ancient Egypt, Nefertiti and of course, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra. Together, they create an absolute force of magic, intrigue and reverence that cannot be debated. 

With our second part of the collection we introduce exquisite pieces that pulse with power. Protective, spirit-strengthening, and gorgeously crafted amulets like the Scarab, Cat, Eye of Ra, Winged Isis, Cartouche, and Ankh pair perfectly with the Goddesses. And to help you discover the piece that speaks to your soul, we’ve created perfectly curated sets to encourage your inner Goddess to shine. 

Think Like A Queen Necklace Set— This two necklace set includes Goddesses Bastet and Cleopatra with the Lapis Lazuli Amulet on a long box chain and the Cat Amulet on a cable chain, symbolizing fierce feminine power, sacred nurturing energy, and offering an aura of protection. Available in gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

Divine Guiding Light Necklace Set— This three necklace set includes Goddess Hathor and the Winged Scarab Amulet on a long box chain, the Cartouche Amulet on a cable chain, and the Ankh of Isis on a saturn chain, all of which combine to offer you protection, positive energy, and to always keep you on a path of enlightenment. Available in gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

Own Your Power Necklace Set— This three necklace set includes the Nefertiti Pendant and Lapis Lazuli Scarab Amulet on a long box chain, Goddess Sekhmet on a cable chain, and the Eye of Ra Amulet on a box chain to bring out your inner queen, help you accomplish your goals, and protect you as you enter each new stage of life. Available in gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

The Luck of the Cat Necklace Set— This box chain necklace set features Egyptian Goddess Bastet, the Diamond Moon Amulet, the Lapis Lazuli Amulet, and the Crystal Quartz Amulet to bring the wearer a profound level of protection. Available in gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

Adorn your ears, wrists and fingers with illuminating pieces that make a subtle statement and help the wearer activate their divine Goddess energy. 

Winged Cobra Lapis Lazuli Stud— In ancient Egypt, the winged cobra, or Uraeus, was a symbol of sovereignty, deity, and divine authority. Also a symbol of the goddess Wadjet, the serpent goddess, the Uraeus can be seen as a symbol of protection but also of the autonomy and power of an individual.

Lapis Lazuli Scarab Drop Earrings— Ancient Egyptians felt that the dung beetle, which the scarab is modeled after, held significant meaning. They associated it with the cycle of life: birth, death, and resurrection. In later centuries, the scarab came to represent protection and good luck. Lapis lazuli has also been used for centuries as representative of power and wisdom. Today, you can embrace the scarab as a symbol of protection and a reminder of the beauty of life by the Lapis Lazuli Scarab Drop Earrings.

Winged Scarab Cuff— Scarabs were often placed over the heart of a mummy to offer it protection. Wings on a scarab represented the cycle of death and rebirth for ancient Egyptians, signifying endless renewal. When you wear this intricate cuff earring, you can absorb its cleansing energy into your mind, body, and spirit.

Ankh Stacking RingIn ancient Egypt, Goddess Isis was often depicted holding an ankh to a person’s lips to revive their soul and give them eternal life. Thus, many believe the ankh symbolizes mortality and the afterlife simultaneously. This Ankh Stacking Ring is a powerful reminder to appreciate life and live in the moment.

Eternal Beauty of Nefertiti Stacking Ring—Nefertiti’s name means “a beautiful woman has come.” Looking at her famous bust, it is certainly true that she lived up to her name’s meaning. Whether you are mesmerized by her beauty or her ruling capabilities, or both, wearing this ring will bestow upon you a queenly aura.

Explore the collection here and revel in the timeless beauty and fire of Ancient Egypt. 

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