Collection Launch: The Moon Phases Collection & Goddess Hecate shine their light

Collection Launch: The Moon Phases Collection & Goddess Hecate shine their light

Our new Moon Phases Collection is all about the serene yet brilliant energy of the moon. A constant presence in the human journey, the moon symbolizes our deepest sense of self. Whether it’s the power the moon holds over the tides or the way its light has accompanied humans through darkness for millennia, this cosmic satellite has always been a potent source of energy. The Moon Phases Collection calls attention to the lunar magic that can soothe us, guide us, and enliven us. We hope you will allow this collection to call forth the magic you’ve suppressed and lead you into the best phase of your life.

In addition to a variety of gorgeous pieces, like the Promise the Moon Lariat Necklace, Reclaiming the Pentagram Amulet, Moon Phase Ear Crawler, Once in a (Triple) Moon Ring Set, and All the Phases of the Moon Layering Necklace, we have also created the Special Edition Hecate Goddess Pendant featuring shimmering moonstone (representing inner clarity and cyclical change) inlay that gleams like the moon itself. This new Hecate design will fill you with the strength to move into a fresh phase of life, where you can fully grow into your innate power. 

The specially created sets that come as a part of this collection are also strikingly powerful. The Season of the Witch Necklace Set will inspire you to sharpen your psychic powers. That Old Black Magic Set featuring Hecate and the Pentagram will help you cast your own unique spells. The Dancing in the Moonlight Necklace Set will let the calming power of moonlight flow into your heart and soul. The Wicked & Lovely Necklace Set will help you tap into both dark and light energies. Choose the set that speaks to you and inspires you to reach deep inside of yourself and let your innate magical abilities flow outward.

Ultimately, the Moon Phases Collection symbolizes the many phases of female empowerment, as well as those liminal spaces associated with the moon that act as a mediator between the Earth and the heavens. The moon moving through its phases also represents us as humans constantly evolving throughout our lives. If you’ve always been fascinated by the night, you will love the Moon Phases Collection for celebrating the moon as a source of power to light humanity’s way through darkness, in both a literal and figurative sense. If you let it, this collection will become a great source of strength and feminine energy for you.

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