Gift Guide: Let’s return to meaningful gifting

Gift Guide: Let’s return to meaningful gifting

When founders Jill and Max Johnson conceived of Awe Inspired, they wanted to create beautiful, meaningful, and empowering gifts for cancer survivors and other people who’d overcome great hardships. The Goddess Collection was born from this desire to provide people with high quality, visually stunning, and powerful pieces that would remind them of what they had battled and overcome, and raise their inner strength with potent Goddess energy so that they could continue fighting.


That’s why we take meaningful gifting so seriously. Of course, more generic gift ideas are okay for acquaintances or people you don’t know very well. But when it comes to best friends, close colleagues, mentors, family members and other loved ones, many people want to give a gift that is thoughtful. A thoughtful gift shows the recipient that you hold them in high regard, care about them deeply, and want them to know how much you love them.


As the holidays approach, (and they’ll be here before we know it!) it’s time to put gifting those closest to us on the to-do list. Often, the most memorable and meaningful gifts are the ones that are truly one-of-a-kind, strike a deep emotional chord, or remind them how special they are. We’re sure you’ll find something just right for your loved ones in our curated guide:


To raise inner strength

 As powerful as the ocean itself, Goddess Yemaya represents deep inner strength and reminds people that they have immense power inside them ready to be unleashed.


To keep them inspired & motivated

 The “I Am Worthy Of Abundance” Affirmations Necklace in gold vermeil will help your giftee know their worth and know that they deserve everything their heart desires.


To keep them protected at all times

 We want everyone we love to be healthy and safe. The Watchful Moon Eye Necklace shields you from negativity, destructive forces, and turbulent emotions.


To help them stay positive

The power of positivity can help us accomplish goals and make dreams come true. The Bouquet Necklace featuring a poppy, daffodil, and daisy is bursting with good energy.


To promote inner peace

 Moonstone is a powerful gemstone that promotes clarity and tranquility. These Asymmetric Moonstone Earrings will use their power to give your loved one the gift of emotional balance.


To show your undying devotion 

The Love Knot Ring inspired by Celtic culture is a symbol of everlasting love.


To remind them the best is yet to come

Butterflies symbolize renewal, transformation, and hope. The white enamel Butterfly Ring is a reminder that we are always evolving to become our best selves.


To help them stay grounded

 If you have anyone in your life who might need emotional healing, the Large Crystal Quartz Amulet Necklace will help them be more balanced and find harmony in their mind and body.


To show them that they’re a queen

Cleopatra is perhaps the most legendary queen in history. Her Goddess Necklace shows her regal demeanor to perfection, and is the ideal gift for anyone who is queenly in real life.


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