Gift Guide: The Meaningful Sets That Will Increase Strength & Energy

Gift Guide: The Meaningful Sets That Will Increase Strength & Energy

The women who love Awe jewelry are strong and powerful in their own right, and they know that our Goddess pieces will only enhance these qualities within them. We tend to think of our customers as representative of four different archetypes: the Warrior, Champion, Enchantress, and Belladonna. 

Depending on which one you personally feel best captures your essence and inner Goddess, we have curated the perfect necklace sets for you to wear to enhance your unique power, impressive strength, and creative energy.

The Warrior

Wear the Athena + Diamond Crown Amulet Necklace Set to proclaim your regal might to the world. Don’t let anybody forget that you’re a queen and deserve to be treated accordingly.

If you need to break free from limiting beliefs that prevent you from growing as a person and taking control of your life, let the Freedom of Flight Necklace Set featuring the Athena Goddess Pendant and the Feather Amulet give you the strength to transcend and become your best self.


The Champion

Champions are often made, rather than born. Enhance the strength of your inner champion and your winning qualities with the Ruth Bader Ginsburg + Woman Power Goddess Necklace Set. Not only will this set make you feel strong, it will also help you fight for your own needs as well as those of others.

Keep on fighting until the end with the Greater Than The Sum Of Your Parts Necklace Set, featuring the Chimera and the Woman Power Amulet. These two pieces represent the many facets and incarnations of feminine strength, while also encouraging you to be unapologetic.


The Enchantress

Strengthen your innate magical powers with the That Old Black Magic Necklace Set featuring the Special Edition Hecate Goddess Pendant and the Reclaiming the Pentagram Amulet. Combining forces, these two pieces call forth powerful energy to allow you to manifest everything you want in life.

Harness the power of magic, moonlight, and transformation with the Mini Hecate Collector Link Necklace, which includes the original Hecate Goddess Pendant, the Diamond Moon Amulet, and the Snake Amulet. Together, these three support the enlightenment and evolution of the soul.


The Belladonna


Always remember that you have what it takes to defend yourself and stand up for your best interests with The Power of Retribution Necklace Set, featuring the Medusa Goddess Pendant, the Snake Amulet, and the Diamond Sword Amulet.

The Medusa Layering Set combines the Medusa Goddess Pendant Necklace with the Snake Amulet Necklace and the Black Beaded Enamel Necklace to serve as a formidable trio to protect you against those who would ever seek to do you harm.


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