Horoscope: Your Summer Statement Piece According to Your Zodiac Sign

Horoscope: Your Summer Statement Piece According to Your Zodiac Sign

This summer, we hope you will embrace the season by feeling carefree, allowing light to infiltrate your world and soul, and spending some time in spaces that bring you peace. Each sign of the zodiac will of course approach the season differently. Aries will have a long to-do list of fun activities, Sagittarius will be off on an adventure every weekend, Cancer will focus on a hobby they love.

In this roundup of Awe pieces for the signs, we’ve specifically chosen jewelry that can help each individual sign reach their summer goals. Remember, summer is also a state of mind, and you can keep a piece of it with you always.

Aries - No color represents the incandescence of an Aries better than red. The Red Aura Necklace pulses with energy and heat, helping to align your root chakra to activate all the senses. Wear it all summer to reflect the inner fire that makes you the zodiac’s biggest go-getter.

Taurus - Taureans are often hopeless romantics. The Diamond Starburst Heart Necklace represents the way that a Taurus is able to seamlessly make connections with those around them, giving away their heart freely and completely to the ones they love. Perhaps it will help make this a summer of love.

Gemini - As the “social butterfly” of the zodiac, a Gemini can often be found flitting from one friend group to the next, from one social event to another. Our Butterfly Studs in gold vermeil beautifully capture this aspect of a Gemini’s personality. They’ll also look good with your summer party outfits.

Cancer - Moonstone is the Cancer sign’s dominant gemstone. This Double Moonstone Ring can assist in warding off negativity and balancing emotions, which can be particularly helpful for the highly emotional Cancer, letting them have a chill summer.

Leo - Every Leo needs at least one lion piece in their jewelry collection that’ll make them roar. Make this gold vermeil, ruby-studded Lion Necklace yours, and flaunt your queen of the jungle status for all to see, especially at the beach or at a pool party.

Virgo - As Earth signs, Virgos are known for being humble, industrious, and practical. These qualities can also be found in Earth Goddesses like Gaia, Demeter, and Ala. If you have to pick one, go for the extremely detailed Gaia Goddess Necklace, featuring animals and elements of nature that will help keep you grounded.

Libra - Libras appreciate when things are well balanced. They also fight hard for what they believe to be just and fair. Nobody represents this aspect of a Libra’s character quite like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who championed social justice during her long, storied career.

Scorpio - The Black Onyx Aura Ring is a strong piece that can match the Scorpion’s famous intensity. Scorpios are known for using dark energy brilliantly to serve their purpose. This ring enhances the mysterious, ambitious aspects of this sign to help them dominate summer.

Sagittarius - A spontaneous, adventurous, and sometimes impulsive sign, Sagittarians like to always be on the go. The “Say Yes To New Adventures” Affirmation Bracelet honors a Sag’s love of independence and will inspire them to always go out and seek more all summer long.

Capricorn - Capricorns are known for being capable, practical, and determined. Our “I Can & I Will” Affirmation Necklace reinforces a Cap’s goal-oriented personality. And anytime a Cap feels their confidence wavering, this necklace will help them get back on track and allow them to have a memorable summer.

Aquarius - Often thought to be a water sign, Aquarius actually represents the element of air. However, its symbol is of a water bearer. This symbol represents the gods blessing the Earth with abundance. The Mini Pachamama (Mother Earth) + Tree of Life Set represents this abundance and also highlights an Aquarian’s devotion to humanitarianism.

Pisces - The ultimate water sign, Pisces feels most at ease when near any body of water. With our Oceans Collection, we wanted to create some mesmerizing pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of the sea. The Ocean Dangle Necklace, featuring gems like lapis, turquoise, and blue topaz, will make a Pisces feel near the ocean no matter how far away they actually are.

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