Layering Necklaces 101

Layering chains is an easy way to make a simple outfit go from basic to elevated. Just like with makeup and hair, the best kind of layers are the ones that look effortless. How do you achieve that perfect "I just threw this together" look?

Start with an anchor piece. Our Goddess Collection is the perfect place to start when building your stack. It will not only will it serve as an inspiring reminder close to your heart, but also be a great focal point.


Aphrodite Necklace

Next, add a substantial chain. You want something that is a little heavy and a little thick. This will help keep you stack balanced. This should also be worn closer around your neck so it doesn't become too overpowering for the other chains.


Chunky Paperclip Necklace
Lastly, add a delicate chain. If you want to add some color to your look, this is the chain to do it. You can add two in different colors, or just one for a fully monochromatic stack. We believe the best stacks are built in odd numbers (3 or 5 chains) so if this isn't the last chain you're adding, make sure it's smaller than the previous layer and slightly larger than the last two pieces you'll be adding. 
Black Enamel Beaded Chain
Ultimately the best stacks are ones built with confidence, meant to inspire and enhance the inner glow of the Goddess who's wearing it. We can't wait to see what you put together.
Xx Awe

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