Manifestations: Embracing and Understanding the Triple Moon & Maiden, Mother, Crone Archetype

You may have seen the Triple Moon Necklace that we offer and seen it styled with various Goddesses or sets. You may have also been drawn to the symbol for its beauty, simplicity or maybe even an unknown reason. You just felt called to it. Moon energy is invincible and this symbol not only inspires creativity, intuition and imagination, but there is a much deeper meaning to it and its roots stem from Neopagan groups. The Triple Moon symbol was often worn by High Priestesses, sorcerers and witches, and in modern times, has become a symbol to honor the divine feminine and the significant stages of a woman’s life. 

Also known as the Triple Goddess symbol, it depicts a full moon with a waxing crescent moon on the left and a waning crescent moon on the right. Representing the changing phases of the moon, it's said to also harmonize with the phases of womanhood. In some spiritual beliefs and cultures, it symbolizes the natural cycles of birth, life and death. In many modern Pagan traditions, the Triple Goddess honors the Maiden, Mother and Crone and is often associated with Artemis (the Maiden), Selene (the Mother) and Hecate (the Crone.) The rhythm of the moon and the female body typically work on a 28-day cycle, so this has been one of the reasons that the moon has been viewed over centuries as possessing feminine energy. 

Exploring more of the symbolism behind the Maiden, Mother and Crone, we understand that these tropes are not fully representative of all women. However, we can see how each of them can be interpreted in ways that relate to them beyond the labels of Maiden, Mother and Crone, which can set limits on women and box them in. 

Essentially, it is explained like this: 

The Maiden— represented by the waxing moon. She is the symbol of girlhood, purity, pleasure, independence, freedom of expression, unbridled energy, untamed wildness. She is encouraged to explore and discover her passions and path. She is unapologetic and eager to blaze her own trail. She looks at the world and her surroundings with hunger and lust. She feels free and dreams of running wild. Her affirmation would be, “Say yes to new adventures.” 

If you identify with the Maiden archetype, besides Artemis, you may also be drawn to Goddesses like Athena, Persephone, Medusa, Hermaphroditus, Iris, Joan of Arc, Lilith, Aphrodite, Amphitrite and Rhiannon

The Mother— represented by the full moon. The Mother is the symbol of love, maturity, growth, caregiving, fertility. She has carved out a place for herself in the world and her goals are to nurture, and that nurturing can come in many forms. Nurturing a baby, a family, a pet, or even nurturing a career or passion project/hobby. She is less concerned with finding herself, because she knows who she is. Rather, her mind at this stage in life is focused on abundance and creativity. She is not selfish and wants to add to the world around her, creating a place of sanctuary for herself and others. She may long for her Maiden days but is secure in her phase. She is building and thriving in her community. Her affirmation would be, “I am worthy of abundance.”

If you identify with the Mother archetype, besides Selene you may also be drawn to Goddesses like Brigid, Gaia, Freya, Durga, Isis, Frigg, Hera, Oshun, Pachamama and Yemaya.

The Crone—represented by the waning moon. She is the wise, more mature woman that embodies the previous stages. She is fiercely independent, confident and courageous. She is sexually awakened and represents a fullness and freedom the Maiden and Mother have yet to achieve. Her life has been lived and she has experienced many seasons with countless lessons under her belt and wisdom gained through the ups and downs of living. She mentors the Maiden, encouraging her to enjoy life. She comforts the Mother and reassures her that she is doing great. She teaches both phases before her and is empathetic towards them. Her knowledge is priceless and treasured. The Crone knows how to harness her strength for good and is not afraid of a battle or fight. Her affirmation would be, “Everything I need is within me.”

If you identify with the Crone archetype, besides Hecate, you may also be drawn to Goddesses like Circe, Hel, The Morrigan, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, or Ala

Some people critique the Maiden, Mother, Crone analogy because it divides women into three stages, when in reality, our lives are filled with many different stages. Some also believe the Maiden, Mother, Crone archetypes place women in outdated gender roles. However, we see these three phases as symbols of inspiration and exploration. You do not have to be a mother of a human child to be nurturing and to create. Creating is inclusive and we can birth ideas and projects while also nurturing beings in our lives… including ourselves. 

Also, where does the Warrior Archetype fit in? While we see the archetype of a Warrior fitting into any of the three phases, is the Warrior archetype worthy of its own phase or do we carry that energy throughout our lives? 

Let us know how you feel about the Maiden, Mother, Crone archetype and Triple Goddess, or how you see it fitting into your life.


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