Night Goddess Nyx

Night Goddess Nyx

The Greek primordial Goddess of the Night, Nyx’s exceptional powers were feared by even Zeus himself.

One of first deities born of the Greek cosmos, she’s the daughter of Chaos, the mother of Hypnos (sleep), and the grandmother of Morpheus (dreams). Now that’s a powerful lineage. 

Her mystic powers include telekinesis, regeneration, invulnerability, manipulation, and superhuman strength.

Once, Hera convinced Nyx’s son Hypnos to put her husband, Zeus, to sleep so she could plot against him. Zeus snapped out of it mid-collusion and gave chase to Hypnos.

Hypnos sought refuge in his mother’s cave. When Zeus arrived and realized he was at Nyx’s doorstep, he retreated back to Mt. Olympus for fear of Nyx’s wrath.

Revered as the mother of all things mysterious and inexplicable, such as death, sleep, and dreams, Nyx ruled the realm of Tartarus in the deepest recesses of the Underworld.

She’s often depicted in dark robes and a long veil with a train of stars that become a cloak of darkness on Earth. Don’t look too closely, else you’ll see the void of the cosmos twinkling in her eye.

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