Self Gifting for Mother’s Day

In this era of self-defining power, claiming your own happiness, and manifesting everything you need, we find special magic in picking our own gifts. Each person has a unique story to tell about what they need at this exact moment and selecting your very own Mother’s Day gift is a powerful example of claiming that energy.  

Some of us this year are picking gifts for ourselves that honor the Goddess within that has gotten us through a difficult couple of years, when as mothers, we often carried more than our share of the burden. We seek symbols of strength as reflections of our inner divine and reminders of what we can accomplish. 


    Other people are selecting pieces for themselves as a special reminder of someone we lost; maybe a mother who was herself a beautiful Goddess. There can be lots of different things we do and totems we carry that honor the type of love and strength that will always connect a mother and child. 


      Some of us will look for a gift for ourselves that reminds us to seek joy, affirm that we are going to find and celebrate  happiness in our lives. That even when we struggle we will remember we are enough and we are worthy of this amazing role of motherhood; a reminder to enjoy even the difficult times, as they too will soon pass. 


      We may also be warriors, fighting secret battles to become the type of mother we always wanted to be. Speaking softly into the universe, manifesting the future of motherhood and the dream of having happy, healthy children one day. 



      There are also those among us who find gifting themselves at this time of year a way to acknowledge with gratitude the gift of having wonderful children in our lives and having the opportunity to be a mother. Some will find pieces to wear together to highlight each child as a unique blessing;  all as the perfect way to manifest even more joy for their whole family. An easy way to tell your own story is with the amulet collector, adding a special piece for each child and manifestation ahead. Check out the amulet collector guide here.

      Explore our Mother's Day gift guide for the self-gifting mom here


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