Styled: House of the Dragon Style Guide

Styled: House of the Dragon Style Guide

Fellow mothers of dragons, our time has come. The reign of House Targaryen begins and House of the Dragon, the prequel to Game of Thrones, is upon us and if you’re like us, the anticipation is real. Every Sunday night for eight seasons, we tuned in for thrills, fantasy, adventure, jaw-dropping sex scenes (some) and to fall in love with the deep character stories that kept us at the edge of our seats and then unpacking the episode with our therapists the following week. 

What is it about that pain and pleasure that intrigued us so much? The fire and ice juxtaposition of each house and the many protagonists we’d attach to and then (spoiler alert) lose tragically in the most horrific way possible. 

So with the premiere of House of the Dragon, we’re beyond excited to see if this prequel lives up to the expectations and of course, we’re watching each trailer and clip we can find to get to know the cast and admire the costumes. And we just can’t help it — we put together a gift guide for the admirers of this sort of genre and for those that are anticipating this new show as much as we are. 

Are you ready to awaken your inner dragon and breathe a little fire into your sartorial style? 

In honor of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen,the king’s first-born child, whose blood is Valyrian, we’re wearing our Diamond Sword + Dragon Amulet Necklace Set. The dragonrider is said to have been born with every power and every bit of ambition but unfortunately for this princess and this misogynistic, fictitious land, she was not born a man. The sword is an ancient symbol of power, protection and authority. On a metaphysical level, the sword represents the penetrating power of the intellect, spiritual decision and the purity of what is sacred.

IYKYK — NEVER get attached to a character on these shows, so to align our first chakra, the root chakra, we’re wearing the Red Aura Necklace, which, with a ruby gemstone, will activate all five senses. Your root chakra is the foundation for all other chakras and garnet is a stone of protection that brings its wearer strength to live a full life with passion. So basically, we’ll enjoy the intensity but with caution. 

We’re thrilled to meet Alicent Hightower, daughter of Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, and said to be the most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms. Raised in the Red Keep, close to the king and his family, she possesses both an aristocratic grace and an ardent political guile. We wear for her the Watchful Moon Eye Necklace as a talisman to keep close to the heart to protect from negativity, destructive energy, and turbulent emotions. The moon and eye together offer protection, tranquility, and insight.


We may just layer on the Diamond Crown Necklace because we’re eagerly awaiting watching the noble drama unfold and this amulet is a timeless symbol of sovereignty, royalty and victory. 

Any superfans of Game of Thrones know that women have historically been treated unfairly and at times like property for the men’s games and the inner rage when watching particular scenes has sparked podcasts, Reddit threads, articles and countless conversations of the way the characters were written. And while the show itself is fiction, many of the narratives ring true for how women have been and continue to be treated around the world. For this, we wear the Medusa Necklace as a symbol of empowerment. A Maiden who was made a victim by a powerful God and then when handed her punishment for her assault, (yes, that is the way the story has been forever told), her punishment ended up being a power. 

We’re excited to meet Mysaria, who came to Westeros with nothing in her pockets and unfortunately was sold over and over. Instead of withering, her resilience dominated and she is said to become the most trusted ally of one of the most high ranking Targaryen heirs. We will be wearing the Morrigan Cuff Bracelet for The Morrigan’s transformative powers and as it’s said: Put the Morrigan in a difficult situation and she will emerge triumphant every time.

With high hopes we’re yearning for a show that highlights the strength of women and gives them more wins than anguish. We will proudly channel, “the first feminist,” Lilith with The Garden of Getting Even Necklace Set to help hone our powers of vengeance.
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