Summer Layering Guide

Summer Layering Guide

Warmer weather means it’s time to break out your summer wardrobe and spend more time outdoors. Your weekends may now be filled up with outdoor brunches, beach days and vacations. While you’re getting your sundresses and sandals ready, it’s also an opportunity to refresh your jewelry.

Think monochromatic.

A simple stack of 3 chains can make a statement when they’re all different textures. Starting with the heaviest texture, the curb chain necklace, sets the stage for the delicate pearl strand and allows the mini Pachamama Tablet to shine on the dainty white beaded enamel necklace.


Go long.

Complement your summer tops and create long layers with your chains. This allows each piece to stand out and let your Goddess shine. This stack starts with the Magnolia charm on a white beaded enamel chain. A mini Athena necklace on a Saturn chain is at the center of this stack, letting everyone know what a fierce Goddess you are. Lastly, the Hummingbird charm on an XL chain adds a whimsical and creative touch to your layers.


Keep it simple.

Two gold chains are guaranteed to dress up any summer look. Give your layers some extra hidden meaning by adding one of our Affirmation necklaces to the duo. Hoops help balance out the look, which pair would you add?

Ultimately, you know what looks best on you and what you love to wear. Have a favorite Goddess you never take off? Think of changing up the chain and adding some color with one of our enamel beaded necklaces. You can add your Goddess or charm to a new chain or add the plain chain to your stack. Need help keeping your layers in order? Try our chain layering tool to keep your stack in place and your chains tangle-free. Most importantly, have fun and always remember to channel your inner Goddess.

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