The Complicated Yet Unbreakable Mother-Daughter Bond

As Mother’s Day approaches, it might naturally lead us to examine our relationships with our mothers. Though Mother’s Day is seen as a celebration, it can be quite a difficult time for many. Whether you have lost your mom or mother figure, whether you were never very close to your mom, whether you’ve had a more recent falling out, or whether your own dreams of becoming a mother never came to fruition, your experience is valid.

It’s possible to view Mother’s Day as a time of reflection in addition to celebration. It may even be healthier to do so. Even if you see others celebrating their mothers on social media or in real life, remember that relationships are always more complicated than they appear in public. Instagram and other social media are just highlight reels. The pain, the sadness, the frustration is typically hidden.

It’s important to talk about Mother’s Day and motherhood in an honest way. It may be excruciating to do so, like getting a tooth pulled without a painkiller. But oftentimes painful things are also the most rewarding in the end.

When exploring the mother-daughter bond, it helps to acknowledge how complicated it can be, in addition to being one of the strongest family bonds. Even science backs this up. A study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that mothers and daughters are more likely to relate to each other emotionally, and understand each other more deeply, than other parent-child relationships. The part of the brain that regulates emotions is similar in mothers and daughters, which the study found while examining why mood disorders are more commonly passed down from mothers to daughters.

This strong, scientifically-backed connection between mothers and daughters is significant. It shows that mothers and daughters are irrevocably bound together in profound ways. No matter what, they will always have this connection that will see them through hardships and obstacles.

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When you give the gift of Awe, you tell your loved one that they in turn leave you in awe.


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