The Norse Collection Is Set to Conquer All

The Norse Collection Is Set to Conquer All

Though it’s thousands of years old, to this day, Norse mythology continues to wow and inspire. We don’t have to look far to see how much Norse mythology influences pop culture, including movies, books, and art. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), anyone? 

With our Norse Collection, we are proud to add to this ancient civilization’s relevance in modern times. The culture of the ancient Vikings produced so many incredible, awe-inspiring stories and figures. The gods and goddesses of Norse myths are formidable, fascinating, and ferocious. We are excited to bring these legends to life with our beautiful jewelry.

The Norse were also skilled craftsmen who produced hardy, elaborate pieces of jewelry themselves. Our lunula and milgrain earrings and compass and rope twist rings are each a nod to Norse craftsmanship as well as to their identities as explorers and adventurers. 

With that said, our introduction of two new Goddesses into our pantheon is especially significant. Frigg and Hel join the existing Freya Goddess Necklace to create a trio of magnificent deities. Together, they are insurmountable indeed. We hope you love this new collection as much as we loved creating it.

Get to know Norse Goddesses Frigg and Hel:

Frigg is the Norse Goddess of motherhood and fertility. As the wife of Odin, she is also the queen of all Norse deities. Frigg is a fiercely devoted mother, who is often invoked by women in childbirth or those seeking to become pregnant. Though she has a compassionate side, she is also a fierce magic-practitioner who has the ability to weave the destinies of all people. Frigg inspires you to reach deep inside yourself and bring your inner power to the forefront, instead of keeping it hidden. If you have a hard time expressing yourself or your needs, channel Frigg to give you the commanding energy you need.

Hel is the Goddess of ancestral wisdom and the underworld. She is much loved and appreciated by modern-day practitioners of spirituality. Hel is also the name of the underworld in Norse mythology (like Hades in Greek mythology). The Norse depiction of the underworld is symbolic of the natural progression of the circle of life, in which death is seen as something inevitable but ultimately peaceful. In Hel, you will find a Goddess who is incredibly strong, a true leader, and able to do things on her own without help. Independent and dynamic, she resonates with people who take things into their own hands when push comes to shove.

Explore the full Norse Collection and discover what makes it so spellbinding.

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