The Remarkable Importance of a Colorful World

The Remarkable Importance of a Colorful World

 Let’s all admit it right now: We take colors for granted.

We don’t mean to do this. Those of us who are able to see are used to the many colors that make up our world that we encounter every day. It’s normal to take things for granted, otherwise we would perhaps be too caught up in the wonder of the world to get much done on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t stop on occasion to be grateful for what we have.

Colors are one such aspect of the world that we should all stop and appreciate whenever we can. You may not realize it, but colors affect us so much. Colors have the ability to affect mood and thoughts; they have the ability to influence our actions; they can soothe or anger; they can be used as a tool for communication. Traffic lights are a common example. Red means “stop.” Green means “go.” In short, colors have meaning, power, and impact.

Some of the most popular and recognizable designs in the world, like the Google logo and the McDonald’s logo, feature deliberately chosen colors that would have the most impact on us. Did you know fast-food restaurants use red as a dominant color in their logos because red can “trigger appetite and hunger” and also attract attention? Red is also known as the most visible color because of its long wavelength light. 

At Awe, we choose the colors for our pieces with careful deliberation. We know that these colors can have a profound impact on the wearer through their symbolism. For example, blue is a traditionally soothing and comforting color and has been associated with the throat chakra, encouraging the art of speaking up and speaking truth. One study actually found that stores with dominantly blue hues invited more shoppers and even made people spend more time in them. Our Blue Aura Necklace is a gorgeous piece that utilizes the power of the color blue to help the wearer. Blue can help promote balance and harmony, both cognitively and emotionally.

There is so much to say about color than we can possibly fit into one blog post. Take a moment today to think about the colors in your home or personal space, your closet, your jewelry drawer. Is there a dominant color? Think about why you consciously or subconsciously chose this particular color or colors. The truth might surprise you. 

Different colors can also help you manifest different energies, outcomes, and realities. If you want to harness the power of color and use it to help improve your life, enhance your aura, and manifest prosperity, we recommend taking a look at some of our most beautiful, colorful pieces. Based on the symbolism of the colors used, you can determine which colors and corresponding energies you want to actively bring into your orbit. 

Black - Tune into the darker aspects of your personality, cultivate power and an aura of mystery, and signal your strength to the world with the Black Onyx Aura Ring.

White - Align your crown chakra with the White Topaz Aura Ring to bring about balance, promote enlightenment, and activate wisdom.

Blush or pink - Blush/pink is a color that calls to mind love and romance. A delicate, peace-enhancing hue, it can help bring more love into your life through our Blush Quartz Aura Ring.

Green - Green rules the heart chakra. The Green Aura Necklace can help you find love and a deeper connection with others.

Orange - Align your second chakra, the sacral chakra, with this delicate but striking Orange Enamel Necklace. The sacral chakra is associated with emotions, pleasure, and expressions of desire.

Purple - Block negativity and enhance healing/restorative energy with the purple genuine amethyst Violet Aura + Violet Enamel Necklace Set.

Indigo - Enhance mental clarity and psychic powers with the Indigo Aura Necklace featuring a genuine sapphire. 

Yellow - Yellow is a color that’s long been associated with positivity and cheerfulness. The Yellow Aura Necklace features a genuine citrine stone to help manifest prosperity.

You can also combine the power of multiple colors with our Enamel Chain Sets to channel their radiant energy into your life all at once. For an even bigger burst of positive and healing energy via a variety of colors, consider our beautiful Iris Goddess Necklace with its rainbow enamel chain.

Above all, remember the undeniable power of color and try to incorporate that energy into your world however you can.

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