Your Jewelry’s Summer Survival Guide



Yes, you should always wear sunscreen and suntan lotion outdoors. But your jewelry shouldn’t. Try to apply these products as well as self tanners and body oils before you layer on your pieces.


Applying these products can not only result in some pretty weird tan lines, but also dull the appearance of gemstones and precious metals like silver and gold.

Makeup & Perfume


When applying any makeup, scented lotions, or perfume sprays while wearing your jewelry, we recommend being cautious and putting it on once they’ve dried. 


Perfumes, lotions, makeup, dust, air pollutants, and other natural elements can also steal the shine of your favorite gemstones, chains, and pendants.

Dive In


Remove your jewelry before making a splash and store it in your Awe velvet pouch or gift box to prevent tarnishing.


Try not to shower or swim with your jewelry on. Treat your jewelry like you do your phone and avoid water as much as possible.

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