Introducing The Aura Collection, designed to evoke your inner aura. Seven vibrant pendants represent each chakra and every stone is uniquely cut using sacred geometry to gradually align your chakra’s vibrational energy.

Own your Aura

Discover a new collection to align your chakra energy with precious gemstones cut in sacred geometric shapes.


With a pear-shaped amethyst


With an emerald-cut sapphire


With a dodecahedral blue topaz


With an octahedral peridot


With a tetrahedral citrine


With an icosahedral hessonite garnet


With a cubic-cut garnet

Crown Chakra


For the thinker: those who use their intellect to manifest their set intentions and seek enlightenment from the spiritual realm

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Third Eye Chakra


For the psychic: those who are deeply intuitive and know what’s going to happen before it occurs

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Throat Chakra


For the speaker: those who communicate with confidence and share words of encouragement with others

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Heart Chakra


For the lover: those who forgive and forget and accept emotional challenges as lessons on surrendering to a divine plan

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Solar Plexus Chakra


For the fortunate: those who brim with self esteem and have repeatedly reinvented themselves like a phoenix rising from the fire

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Sacral Chakra


For the siren: those who are wickedly perceptive and known to indulge in self love, the most important love of all

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Root Chakra


For the explorer: those who are adventurous, fearless, passionate, driven, and not about to apologize for it.

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What color is your Aura?

The Aura Collection is here to help you achieve a higher vibration.

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