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With our new Heavens Collection, we sought to capture the magnificence and majesty of the universe – its mysteries and secrets, its light and dark energies, and its preternatural beauty. These cosmically-inspired pieces reflect the marvel of what we see when we look up at the sky, allowing you to have a little piece of heaven with you at all times.

Bask in Goddess Selene’s shine

The Special Edition Selene Goddess Pendant celebrates the different phases of the moon and of Selene herself. The new design shows her reigning over the heavens like an otherworldly queen. She is your Goddess if you have many facets to your character and embrace all of them.

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Elevate your celestial style

These stellar new pieces are as layered as the universe itself. Wear your favorite piece as a striking statement look or experiment with different layering techniques to achieve cosmic balance.

It’s time to transcend the terrestrial

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