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An exceptional military leader that defied all expectations, Joan of Arc believed she was destined to guide France to victory in its Hundred Years’ War with England. With no proper training, she fearlessly led an army to victory becoming one of history’s greatest saints. Did we mention she was only 18?

Special Edition Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc returns in this special edition Goddess necklace symbolizing her determination and courage, which are celebrated to this day, inspiring awe in many. Featuring a raised fleur de lis on the bezel and the legendary image of Joan seated on a horse, it exhibits the character and ardor Joan of Arc displayed in leading her country to victory, for which she was ultimately recognized as a saint.

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Joan of Arc: The First

When crafting the original Joan of Arc Goddess Necklace, meticulous care was taken to depict Joan as a fierce and fearless warrior and military strategist. The necklace highlights Joan’s unwavering confidence and bravery, devout devotion to her purpose, and ability to tap into her reserves of inner strength. A feminist icon today, Joan of Arc is also a paragon of self-empowerment and believing in your purpose.

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Joan of Arc's Armory

Joan of Arc relied on various symbols, including the famous French fleur de lis, to relay her message. Her unwavering piety, conviction, and persistence are represented in the variety of pieces meant to accompany the Joan of Arc Goddess Necklace, including a Coat of Arms Necklace, Fleur de Lis Amulet, and French Cross Amulet. They will enhance the energy of the Joan piece when worn together.

Who Was The Real Joan of Arc?

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