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Norse Collection

Dive into the mysticism and enchantment of our Norse Collection, featuring intricately designed rings, bracelets, and earrings that pay homage to this ancient civilization’s far-reaching influence and vitality. Two powerful Norse Goddesses - Frigg and Hel - join Freya in our Goddess pantheon to enhance it with their singular magnetism and transcendent energy.


Frigg is the Norse Goddess of motherhood and fertility. As the wife of Odin, she is also the queen of all Norse deities. Frigg inspires you to reach deep inside yourself and bring your inner power to the forefront, instead of keeping it hidden.



The Goddess of ancestral wisdom and the underworld, Hel is much loved and appreciated by modern-day practitioners of spirituality. Hel is also the name of the underworld in Norse mythology (like Hades in Greek mythology). In Hel, you will find a Goddess who is incredibly strong, a true leader, and able to do things on her own without help.



Few goddesses know how to live it up like the Norse goddess Freya. Ruler of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions she certainly has an appreciation for the finer things in life. A thrill seeker and a gifted see-er, her jewelry collection is unrivaled.


Norse Accessories

These intricately sculpted pieces inspired by ancient Norse craftsmanship and culture evoke the bold, adventurous spirit of the Vikings. Wear them solo or combine them with the Norse Goddess pendants for a truly powerful look.

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