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Catherine The Great

Humanitarian and Queen of Russia in the 17th century


Divine priestess and beautiful Queen of ancient Egypt


Celtic Queen who defended Britain until her death in 61 A.D

Queen Esther

Led her Jewish people to salvation in the Old Testament

Catherine The Great

An exceptionally crafted raised design of Catherine the Great, finished with raised filigree cutouts. Inspired by a wealth of odes to the incredible Empress of Russia, we took great care with her portrait. Note the emeralds, her favorite stone, detailing her collar. It’s important to give the Queen the modern commemoration she deserves for her extensive humanitarian work.



Nefertiti demands nothing less than hand-applied enamel inlay and a hand-cut border motif inspired by her infamous bust from c.1348 B.C. It’s important to give Nefertiti the modern commemoration she deserves for being the first Queen of Egypt to co-rule alongside her husband Amenhotep.



When you design a piece devoted to the ancient Celtic Queen who revolted against Emperor Nero and the Roman army, no less can be expected than a brilliant cut diamond centering her crown. Boudicca was trained as a warrior skilled in weaponry and prepared to lead a massacre against the enemy of her people.


Queen Esther

Expertly crafted with a hammered background and hand-cut textured border, our ode to Queen Esther is finished with four brilliant blue sapphires. The beautiful Jewish wife of the Persian king Xerxes I, she led the Jewish people to salvation with a storied defeat of anti-Semitism. So storied, the Book of Esther can be found in both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament.



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