Spiritual Wellness: Appreciating the gifts of the heavens

Spiritual Wellness: Appreciating the gifts of the heavens

Have you ever looked up at the starry night sky and felt overwhelmed by awe? The moon, stars, sun, and all the other heavenly objects that surround us help us realize we are so privileged to be in such a unique and magical position in the universe.

This week’s Draconid Meteor Shower (lasting from October 6 to October 10) is one of those heavenly phenomena that fills us with wonder. It can also make us feel small. On the other hand, it can help us realize that though we are a minor part of an infinite whole, we matter nonetheless. Our presence and existence in the universe is a type of magic. We may never truly know how we came to be in existence, but we can certainly appreciate that simply being is wonderful in many ways.

With our Goddess, Heavens, and Moon Phases collections, we have sought to pay homage to the mythical and the celestial, while also drawing from them strength, energy, and power. As a nod to the Draconid Meteor Shower and all of the extraordinary and mind-blowing heavenly phenomena we get to witness from time to time, we turned to some of our most energetic pieces. We hope these pieces help you find your place in the grand scheme of things.

We created the Watchful Moon Eye Amulet to bestow protection from negative energy on all wearers. Similarly, the Celestial Evil Eye Ring is a symbol of protection in many cultures and shields the wearer from darkness. The ancient Norse also believed in the protective power of the moon and used the lunula symbol for protection, which we recreated in our Lunula Necklace.

The beautiful Celestial Mother of Pearl Necklace and its companion ring are like beacons of light in a world that is often scary and unpredictable. If you ever want to wish upon a star but can’t find one in the sky at that moment, we want to offer you the All The Stars Choker Necklace, Heavenly Drop Earrings, and the Star Charm Necklace

The Goddess Collection, with all of its powerful Goddesses, has been a source of inspiration for people who were seeking talismans and keepsakes to keep close to them and remind them of their inner strength. Consequently, moon Goddesses like Selene, Hecate, and Artemis (the triple moon deities) can be called upon to provide guidance, strength, and empowerment.

The original Selene Goddess Signet Ring in sterling silver is evocative of the moon shining in the night sky in all its glory. The Special Edition Selene Necklace features Selene as she reigns in the darkness, shining her light for all travelers.

Choose the Special Edition Hecate Necklace featuring moonstone inlay to help you manifest in the moonlight, whether you’re a spellcaster or simply want to send a message to the universe.

For an extra dose of energy and power, look to our curated sets, like the Shoot for the Moon Set and the Queen of the Night Sky Set, which put several strengthening pieces together. 

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