The power in layering

Increase the power of your singular story by layering two, three, or four necklaces together to represent your individuality and energy.

What's your story?

Divine Feminine Necklace A woman wearing a white shirt and Awe Inspired's Divine Feminine Necklace layered with Flying Dagger amulet, standard Athena pendant and Herringbone chain in gold vermeil

Connect to the divine feminine

Flying Dagger Amulet A woman wearing a tan tank top and an Awe Inspired Flying Dagger Amulet necklace.

Stay protected from danger

Round 20MM Aphrodite Pendant in gold Aphrodite Pendant

Greek Goddess of love

Classic Paperclip Chain Classic Paperclip Chain

Simple but striking

Our Layering Formula

Layering Chains + Goddess(es) + Amulet(s)

Three choices. Millions of combinations. One unique Awe.

Make it truly yours.

Necklace Layering Sets

Need some help? Our Awe Inspired team carefully created ready to wear Layering Sets, utilizing our best selling Goddesses and amulets.

Necklace Layering Sets