Gift Guide: 10 gifts for the “coven” gift exchange

Gift Guide: 10 gifts for the “coven” gift exchange

Disclaimer: Not for an actual coven (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

What’s a coven? The word usually refers to a gathering of witches. It was popularized around 1921 by Margaret Murray, a historian and folklorist, who promoted the idea that all witches gathered in groups of thirteen to cast spells. Sounds spooky!

Funny how nobody ever thinks witches can meet to cast good spells of prosperity and peace. Seems misogynistic. Anyway, we like to think of a “coven” as a gathering of like-minded women who have found a community where they can be their authentic selves. This can be your girl group or “squad,” all your mom friends or work friends, the sorority sisters you’ve just discovered or still keep in touch with, the women who were your bridesmaids, or the besties you have had a standing brunch appointment with since forever.

Gift these empowering pieces to your “coven” mates to bestow strength upon them during their life journey and to tighten your unique bond.

La Dyade Tablet Necklace – Representing a merging of two, this necklace is a more sophisticated take on the classic “best friend” necklace.

La Tribu Tablet Necklace – Perfect for a group of three (a magical number), La Tribu represents finding and honoring your chosen community.

Large Crystal Quartz Amulet Necklace – This stunning necklace with crystal quartz will encourage cleansing energy and clarity of mind and spirit. 

Poppy Wrap Ring – Channel floral energy to reduce negative feelings and vibes.

Earth Child Necklace Set – For the loved one who is in tune with nature and can never say no to a hike.

Nefertiti Stacking Ring – To remind them to always celebrate their inner queen.

Black Onyx Aura Ring – For the friend who is very much in tune with her “dark” side.

Moon Phase Ear Crawler – For the friend who can’t stop staring at the moon every night.

Dark Butterfly Stud Earrings – To encourage transformation into a more powerful and beautiful self.

Hecate Cuff – A Goddess of witchcraft for the “witchiest” of all your friends.


Aging Spirits Candle for its intoxicating scent, Notes to Self Journal from Intelligent Change for keeping affirmations, and the Grounding Toolbox by Before Noon for centering yourself.

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