Spiritual Wellness: Balanced babe energy, please

Spiritual Wellness: Balanced babe energy, please

How does it make you feel when someone calls you a #BossBabe or tells you that you have #BossBabeEnergy? It’s become a polarizing title on social media, with many women leaning into the idea of rejecting striving to be the ultimate boss babe. 

Ambition and shattering glass ceilings are cool and all, but have you ever not checked your work email for a whole weekend? Or a whole vacation? Have you ever taken PTO and not felt guilty? On the other side of the coin, getting recognized for your hard work and ambition IS amazing. Changing your title on Linkedin IS worthy of celebration. Maybe the answer is not holding the super ambitious career woman up on a pedestal or assuming that living a simpler life has more meaning and intention. That mentality implies that one life is more valuable and admirable. It also creates more competition between women, and, honestly, who needs that? 

The answer isn’t ambition or aspiration versus contentment or indifference. The answer is finding the balance between the two and embracing the spaces in between. Honoring your progress, appreciating your growth, understanding your losses, owning your mistakes, and ultimately, seeing the stages of your life as branches in your glorious tree of life

As we’re getting fully into the holiday season and we’re tasked with creating the perfect holiday for our families, ensuring the quarter is successful at our workplace, finding the most thoughtful gift for every loved one, and trying desperately to slow down a bit to savor the festivities, this time can feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve created a short gift guide that pays tribute to the harmony we’re seeking and allows us to revel in the beauty of balance. 

The Crystal Quartz Amulet Necklace is a beautiful and simple piece that helps add clarity and dispels negativity for the wearer. Pair it with the Greek Goddess of Justice and Wisdom, Themis, to assist you in seeking balance in all areas of your life through the lens of equality. 

Greek Goddess of Heroes, Athena is one of our best selling and most beloved Goddesses and it’s no surprise. She represents wisdom, altruism, courage, and a strong desire for justice. She is intimidating but also revered as being a peacemaker. Wear the Athena Signet Ring, so that anytime you look down at  your hands, you remember all that you’re capable of. 

If you have a cat in your home, you know that they love being adored but also love being left alone. They are one domesticated creature that has learned to own their balance, not just for their needs but also their physical balance of life’s unpredictability. Cats always land on their feet! The Enduring Magic of the Cat necklace isn’t just for cat lovers. It’s for those who want to live unapologetically in the ray of sunshine peeking through a window, and also those whose nature is patiently stalking their prey and pouncing at the perfect moment.

Ready to live your life to the fullest? Or maybe just align your root chakra? The Red Aura Necklace offers protection to the wearer and brings strength to live out your passions. Looking to align another chakra? Explore our vivid, vibrant, and stunning Aura Collection.  

Celtic Goddess Brigid was known for doing it all. She is the Goddess of poetry, wisdom, healing, and protection, but also of fire and passion. Beloved throughout the land, Brigid was worshiped for a variety of reasons, including as a guardian of domesticated animals and protector of women and children. She embodies the very perfect balance of creativity and drive. 

Honoring ourselves at every stage of our lives can be done by simply looking to the moon. The Triple Moon Necklace is a stunning piece to help you remember that every season of your life is worthy of respect. Oftentimes, the triple moon symbolizes the stages of womanhood — the maiden, the mother, and the crone. The maiden being full of ideas and a zest for the newness of life and anticipating the future. The mother being at her stage of nurturing or creating the life she desires while being in the present. The crone being a symbol of wisdom by living life and appreciating all that came before her. All three of them offer good lessons for people on their individual paths. 

Our final recommendation for achieving balance is the new Reclaiming the Pentagram Amulet. In many cultures, the five pointed star that makes up the pentagram represents the four elements in perfect harmony with the Spirit. Combined with the feminine crescent symbol, it creates a balance between the earth and the heavens, intellect and imagination, and ultimately helps block negativity and dark energy. Mother nature is the ultimate queen of balance, and wearing this sacred symbol is honoring the force that is bigger than us all. 

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